Konstantin Käfer

Tabletop computers cannot become larger than arm’s length without giving up direct touch. This prevents tabletop applications from dealing with more than a few dozen on-screen objects. We propose direct touch surfaces that are orders of magnitude larger by integrating high-resolution multi-touch into back-projected floors, while maintaining the purpose and interaction concepts of tabletop, i.e., direct manipulation.

Front End Drupal explains theming and template design for the Drupal CMS/Framework. To create truly amazing themes, it also introduces the reader to the concepts and structure of a web page generated by Drupal (blocks, regions, menus, form elements and so on) as well as to adding interaction using JavaScript and jQuery.

Addison Berry of Lullabot writes:

“For people who are new to Drupal this is a freaking gem. Don’t think that this is only for newbs though, not at all. This is a serious book, made for grownups. […]”